Torbay has a small fleet of club owned and chartered Splash’s sailing every weekend. Used at the club primarily as an adult “learn to sail” yacht the Splash is big enough for adults to sail in but not too big to handle. Torbay offers Splash ADULT coaching in the morning and racing in the afternoon.

The Splash Dinghy is 3.5m in length and as a one design class all boats are identical. The boats employ an un-stayed mono rig (like a laser) with a sail area of 5.5 m2, which makes the class easy to handle by sailors ranging from 45 to 80 kg. The Splash suits youth Sailors from 13 to 19 years or Adult sailors under the 80kg limit. The splash is capable of speeds of over 10 knots on a broad reach, and has performance very similar to Laser 4.7

Competitions are held at club, national and international level.