About the Torbay Sailing Club

Mission Statement

Torbay sailing club has developed the following mission statements as being clear statements of our intention to encourage young people into the water to sail, to grow from the experience, and to learn respect for both people and the environment in the process.

  •  To enable young sailors to achieve their full potential and enjoy sailing as a lifetime sport
  • To further the enjoyment and safety of water activities in our community
  • To encourage leadership and respect for the environment and for people

Our History – WE ARE OVER 50 YEARS OLD!

Torbay was originally known as either Deep Creek or Oneroa. To overcome the confusion, Torbay was named in 1933 after the Tor or small island at Waiake Beach.

The original Taiotea Boating Club was situated in Browns Bay in approx 1902 and was one of the earliest yacht clubs in Auckland. Torbay Boating club was incorporated as a socitety in 1959. In the mid 1960’s a dwindling membership and attendance at the Browns Bay locations saw Taiotea and Torbay Boating Clubs combine.

The club originally ran from a tent on the beach front. The starting procedure was controlled via a series of balls mounted on the beach where the children’s swings are now. No racing went beyond the reef and spectators were charged via an honesty box on the beach.


In 1960 a green shed was erected on the site behind the present club rooms and this served as a base for the club until 1964 when, with then assistance of a Golden Kiwi Grant, new clubrooms were built at a cost of $5000. A major fundraising effort in the 1980’s saw the existing new clubrooms erected.

The Flying Ant class, of which 111 were once registered, was designed by John Spencer who was at the time a member of the club. The Flying Ant was 2 two man boat designed for 13 to 17 year olds and utilised a standard “P” class rig.

Through the 1960’s and 1970’s, the club had large fleets of catamarans and frequently hosted the Rothmans national catamaran Championships for A Class, B Class, Shearwater and other classes. In the 1970’s the first of the Paper Tiger class was introduced at Torbay.

Many famous New Zealand yachting names have passed through the club, designers Ron Holland, and John Spencer, Russ Bowler (of the Farr design office), and several others have achieved world level recognition.

The club continues today with a primary focus on centreboard sailing, encouraging young sailors on to the water where they gain confidence, learn to participate in fair but earnest competition, respect for the environment, and for people.

[extracted from 100 years of Auckland Sailing]